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Captain Denis Beaulieu

denisDenis is a captain and a fighter pilot in the squadron 425 ETAC (Tactical Squadron of Fighter) of the 3rd squadron of Bagotville since 2011.

He made this commitment to the Royal Aviation of Canada in 2006 as a pilot. Since 2010 he has been a pilot of a CF-18. He has been based to in Bagotville in the Saguenay region since 2011. Prior to this he was stationed in Cold Lake, Alberta as well as spending five years training to become a fighter pilot in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

He studied in Sherbrooke at the Sacre Coeur Elementary School, then at the Séminaire Salésien for high school, at the Sherbrooke College and Sherbrooke University. He also completed a student exchange for two years in Paris, France where he completed a high school diploma in mechanical engineering.

He was born in 1980 and grew up in Sherbrooke, where most of his family has remained. His mother is Kathleen Thompson (of East Angus) and his father, Luc Beaulieu (of Sherbrooke). Mr. Beaulieu is the owner of Jardin Eden in Rock Forest, a landscaping and garden center. His two brothers, Pierre and Michel work in this family business where he was also employed during his studies. Her sister Annie has lived in Sidney, Australia for the past few years.

He has several projects in mind for the future, which he will certainly have the opportunity to share with us. One example is Fly-in, with many more to follow. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavours.


Jean-Claude Grenier

Mastering a subject is a science, teaching is an art.

Jean-Claude receiving his medal during Les Faucheurs de Marguerites 2016

Jean-Claude Grenier will not admit it, as he is far too modest, but he has it all. His knowledge of piloting is based on vast experience that enriches his teaching. The risks of bush piloting, especially in winter conditions, are numerous and J-C Grenier has lived and analyzed them. Through his experience of 18,500 flight hours he can warn his fellow pilots. Through an endless source of anecdotes, J-C Grenier is able to be understood through examples without having to resort to big theories or long equations. In his 42 years as a licensed instructor he has made an indelible impression.

Not content with having passed his knowledge on to hundreds of students, JC Grenier continues in retirement, to disseminate his knowledge for the safety of airmen of all backgrounds in the APBQ.

In celebration of these values, the Faucheurs de Marguerites has been pleased in 2016 to have Mr. JC Grenier as honorary president as he celebrated his 50th anniversary of his pilot license in July 2016.



Gilles Lapierre

Gilles Lapierre was President of the Association des Pilotes de Brousse du Quebec (APBQ) from 2003 to 2014. In this role, he devoted a great deal of effort to establishing a network of affiliated local associations and to developing the recurrent training program throughout Quebec.

As a seaplane and instrumental pilot, he participated in many activities such as Fly-Ins, Quebec Tours, Provider Tours and expeditions in Nunavut. He has remained on the board as Past President since 2014. He set up the Aviateurs Quebec Insurance Program. With expertise in Foreflight, he gives many seminars on this subject to the local associations.

Gilles Lapierre was a speaker with the APBQ, now known as Aviateur Quebec. He is someone with whom it is always a pleasure to collaborate. Agreeable, he worked diligently not only for the benefit of the APBQ but also ensured that the negotiations were beneficial for its members. When Gilles begins a project, we can only join in as everything has been well thought out. However, when necessary, Gilles is open to compromise. With his ability to bring people together it is not surprising that he was at the helm of the APBQ for so long. His influence is seen throughout the board of directors of the Aviateurs Quebec.

If the airmen of Quebec were bricks, Gilles would be the mortar that holds all these bricks together.