Commercial Event

Inside and outside the big hangar Bloc B, many dealers and organizations offer their aircraft related products and services. If you are one of those, it is the perfect event to reach a large number of your target customers!

What’s a Fly-In without its Commercial Event? All aircraft component traders, exhibitors and advertisers, sport plane or recreation aircraft organizations are invited to reserve their inside or outside exhibit area at a minimal fee for the Commercial Event. Inside areas start from 15′ x 10′ and we can easily accommodate the exhibit of your airplane (lights and ultra-lights only). They are located inside Ville de Sherbrooke’s Bloc B big hangar, keeping you sheltered from the sun, the wind and the rain. The hangar is locked outside normal opening hours so you do not have to worry about your material. Outside areas are of variable dimensions to accommodate most of your requirements, what ever your aviation activity is!!!


  • It is a unique occasion to demonstrate your products and services to your main customers that are on the same site at the same time.
  • Available inside commercial area for those who prefer to be sheltered from Mother Nature’s whims.
  • The Fly-In only last for a weekend, so you won’t lose money by closing your business during normal opening time.