Aircraft Exhibition

Aircrafts from everywhere in Canada and some from the United States visit us for this special weekend. Most of them are coming from the Province of Québec, Ontario and Atlantic Provinces.

Come see them and have a very close look at the numerous jewels that are parked on the airfield. You will see a lot of homebuilts made of tube and fabric, all metal, composites, wood and fabric; some classic planes like Piper, Cessna, Mooney and many more …; ultra-lights, commercial planes and if we are lucky there will also be antiques and military planes.

New aircrafts are seen on site every year. Most often they are new amateur built sport planes that are flying off their nest for the first time. The builders take the occasion the show their masterpiece to friends and colleagues.

What triggers pilots and builders:

  • A 6 000 feet hard landing strip and a 2 500 feet grass landing strip with no landing fees for single engine
  • A wide aircraft parking lot that can accommodate hundreds of aircrafts
  • Friendly volunteers that care for you and your aircraft
  • Security on airfield assured by volunteers that are pilots and builders
  • Good airport services
  • On site restaurant with affordable meals
  • Many builders and pilots that want to chat with new people
  • A Flea Market and a Commercial Exhibit
Reminder for pilots

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What attracts general public:

  • Access to the airfield
  • Access to information, aircrafts, associations, clubs, schools …
  • Chat with pilots, builders, instructors, …

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