Year after year, since 1995, Les Faucheurs de Marguerites du Québec organize a sport aviation Fly-In at the Sherbrooke airport to gather together as many pilots, builders and aircraft lovers as possible. Are also invited to this big celebration all aviation lovers who want to meet with these friendly aviators and have a close look at their marvellous flying machines. It is not a show but a very remarquable aviation enthusiast rendez-vous.

Organisation Profile

Les Faucheurs de Marguerites du Québec, is first of all an annual event, but it is also a none profit corporation that was founded in 1995 by many RAA Chapter members living in the Province of Québec to structure and organize a major annual Fly-In event on our territory. This corporation has a Board of Directors that are elected by the participating Québec RAA members that have the willingness to pursue this dream project. All directors, executives and event day workers are volunteers. This unique event brings a lot of valuable and unforgettable meetings. Aviation dealers and manufacturers will find a unique way to contact their usual Québec customers all on the same site at the same time. Magazine editors use this opportunity to have a true direct contact with their readers and enlarge their readers list by showing their product to the general public. Young and old from the general public have a very unique opportunity to walk around the airfield and have a close look at the numerous aircrafts on site and make friendly contact with the aviators. That is a bit of the spirit that flies over the event every year.

Board of Directors

  Réal Paquette President, press-release, advertising, sponsoring
  Mark Pezzi Vice-president, responsible of security
  Richard Audren Treasurer, responsible of welcoming visitors
  Israël Paquette Director, secretary and responsible of the judgment of aircrafts
  Claude Cyr Director, responsible of security
Jacques Plante Director, responsible of commercial exhibit
Pierre Bilodeau Director, responsible of conferences and workshops

A little history

The Club of the Experimental Aircraft Sherbrooke (CAES) and several other clubs making the CEOS parties in Quebec met in Lévis in September 1994 found “unofficially” RAA Quebec. Gilles Boulanger (Chair of CAES) with the support of delegates from the club offers an annual fly-in occurs. The proposal was approved and immediately Boulanger put the candidacy of the Sherbrooke Airport. Later, when meeting in Quebec City was suggested the name Daisies Reapers for fly-in and Nicolas Boisvert was elected president. A month later he had to give up his post and members delegates “RAA Québec” named Gilles Boulanger to the presidency without his knowledge. Gilles Boulanger consulted the CAES executive who recommended him to accept the presidency. The “RAA Quebec” was the prime contractor and the clubs were to participate in the realization of the fly-in Reapers Daisies. That was the theory. The reality was quite different. In a short time the other clubs came to the conclusion that the fly-in would be the sole responsibility of the Club of the Experimental Aircraft de Sherbrooke. Without the support of the Administrative Committee of the Sherbrooke Airport and its directors, fly-in could not have been possible. A margin of $ 5,000.00 credit was granted us to initiate everything, and this amount was to be paid at the end of the event. An agreement which was always respected. CAES members were likely to see the success of this first. A common bond united volunteers madness of aviation. Reapers Daisies belong to all members of a flying club in Quebec being part of the CEOS. Since 2001 the executive is trying to involve other clubs to achieving our event, and to some extent it succeeded. Therefore, some of the RAA Chapître 415 Longueuil judged the aircraft in the years 2001 and 2002.

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