Our next Fly-In June 16th and 17th 2018

Airmen gathering

Organised by members of COPA Flight 37

Year after year, since 1995, Les Faucheurs de Marguerites du Québec organize a sport aviation Fly-In at the Sherbrooke airport to gather together as many pilots, builders and aircraft lovers as possible. Are also invited to this big celebration all aviation lovers who want to meet with these friendly aviators and have a close look at their marvellous flying machines. It is not a show but a very remarquable aviation enthusiast rendez-vous. (more…)

Gilles Lapierre, honorary president at Les Faucheurs 2018

Gilles Lapierre was President of the Association des Pilotes de Brousse du Quebec (APBQ) from 2003 to 2014. In this role, he devoted a great deal of effort to establishing a network of affiliated local associations and to developing the recurrent training program throughout Quebec.

As a seaplane and instrumental pilot, he participated in many activities such as Fly-Ins, Quebec Tours, Provider Tours and expeditions in Nunavut. He has remained on the board as Past President since 2014. He set up the Aviateurs Quebec Insurance Program. With expertise in Foreflight, he gives many seminars on this subject to the local associations.

Gilles Lapierre was a speaker with the APBQ, now known as Aviateur Quebec. He is someone with whom it is always a pleasure to collaborate. Agreeable, he worked diligently not only for the benefit of the APBQ but also ensured that the negotiations were beneficial for its members. When Gilles begins a project, we can only join in as everything has been well thought out. However, when necessary, Gilles is open to compromise. With his ability to bring people together it is not surprising that he was at the helm of the APBQ for so long. His influence is seen throughout the board of directors of the Aviateurs Quebec.

If the airmen of Quebec were bricks, Gilles would be the mortar that holds all these bricks together.


In Search of Volunteers

Dear lovers and lovers of the Aviation, as every year for more than twenty years, we prepare for the two days of the Reapers of Marguerites.

Would you like to get involved in this beautiful event and live it from the inside out among enthusiasts? The organization of the Reapers of Marguerites just needs you, the day before and, or during the two days of the event. Your availability does not allow you to be present more than a day or more than half a day? No problem, we will be just as happy to benefit from your help. Our selection criteria can be summarized as follows: to be of good will and good humor.

You can easily participate as a volunteer. The tasks are not complex and it does not necessarily have to be customary from the world of Aviation. Must be serious, simply. Moreover, you will join a friendly team which will advise you if necessary and will help you to facilitate the task of each one.

For example, we need people to set up and dismantle the site, to welcome both land and air visitors, for parking the aircraft and for safety when taxiing. Come and spend two very special days with people who like you like the Aviation area. And you can tell your friends, ” The Reapers of Daisies, I have the pleasure of participating. ”
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are waiting for you in great numbers!

You can register by contacting the organizers in the Contact section.


- Admittance -

Public > $10

General admission is $10.00 (cash only) for a full weekend on site for all people of 16+ years old. It is free for the kids. Opening hours for general admission are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday. The parking lot is free and a group of volunteers will help you find an easy way in. At the general entrance, our volunteer ladies will provide you with all the necessary informations for having a pleasant time at the event.

Pilots > Free !

Free admission for pilots and passengers coming aboard an aircraft. There is no landing fee for single engine aircrafts. To get these benefits you are asked to register yourself, your passengers and your aircraft under the yellow tent. Airport opening hours are unchanged for the event and no NOTAM is in force for this occasion. A few tie-downs are available for those who forgot, ask a volunteer near the yellow tent. You are welcome to bring your sleeping bag and come camping under the wing or bring your tent, set it up on the camping site and spend all weekend chatting with aviation enthusiasts.


- Services -


Conferences on various aviation subjects are presented.


Sales of products and services by individuals or traders there.


Restaurant available on site

One free breakfast will be given to the pilot of each aircraft arriving by the air and who register at yellow tent before 10 am.



100LL and jet fuel available on site


- Wheater for Sherbrooke Airport -